Yoga Now Offered on Wednesdays!

Wednesdays 4:30pm – 5:30pm    Instructor JR Wolf  •  Cost: $8-$12/class sliding scale or $60 for 10 Classes  Yoga Waynesville NC

JR Wolf:

In 1997, I attended my 1st yoga class, seeking relief from back pain after years of competing in various contact sports. I was also seeking peace of mind and was encouraged by a friend to try yoga in order to work through some of the troubles I was faced with at the time.

I was so intimidated about attending that 1st yoga class. I thought that when I walked in, everyone would know that I was not at peace and turn me away saying, “Sorry, you’re not centered enough to do yoga with us.” But instead, everyone was welcoming and it was exactly what I needed: therapy for my mind, body and soul. I was hooked.

The focus of my yoga classes is to provide a space for people to practice together in community, develop their own personal practice, and to build strength in body and mind. Come on out for a yoga class that has a mixture of Kundalini, Hatha, and Vinyasa Flow Yoga disciplines. Beginners are welcome, and there will always be something for all yogis. Although we may be at different points on the path, we are all on the same path together.

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