Massage Rates

Massage Therapy RatesWaiting Room


Half Hour: $40

One Hour: $70

One & a Half Hour: $100

Housecalls: $25 fee in addition to massage fee.



Modalities: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Thai Massage, Thai Herbal Compresses, Hot Stone, Lymphatic Draining Therapy, Shiatsu,  and Cupping.





Pregnancy Maternity Massage Waynesville NC Low Back Pain Headaches





Pregnancy / Maternity massage is also available with Haywood County’s only special prenatal massage table that allows expecting mothers to comfortably lie face down.



Logan Labbé-Jarrell is also a Certified Birth Assistant [Doula] and offers assistance through all the stages
of becoming a mother and beyond.

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